Team Nepal

We are incredibly grateful to have partnered with the Nepali NGO ‘Team Nepal’, who have been delivering valuable and meaningful support for children’s rights, education, health and housing in Nepal.

TEAM Nepal (Together Everyone Achieves More) is a Non Government, Non-political, Non Profit, Social Organization based in Talamarang – 7 of Sindhupalchock Nepal. Striving to help Nepalese people with the focus area of Child rights, Education, Environment and Health awareness. We believe that by improving these areas of Nepali, people living in rural areas will make a significant contribution for development and a prosperous Nepal in the future. The organisation was originally founded by Nepalese social workers who then partnered with many International volunteers from all around the world including Ireland, Australia, France, USA and Japan.

Having a lot of experience in improving rural communities and over the last five years, their work and efforts has lead to dramatic improvements and developments in the rural villages of Sindhupalchock, approximately seventy kilometers from Kathmandu. TEAM Nepal’s vision is to improve the well being of societies by working and helping each-other. Most importantly, striving to bridge the gap between the local community and the outside world through cultural knowledge and exchange of volunteers.

Team Nepal believe that merely throwing money at a problem is not a long term solution, which just creates a culture of dependency. By incorporating agriculture into their projects, they hope to make each project self sustainable. They also believe that education is the most precious gift that they can offer. Education provides people with the tools they need to improve their own lives without always having to rely on others. It gives people a sense of dignity and pride, which no amount of materialistic goods can replace. When carrying out their work education always plays an important role and Team Nepal endeavor to emphasize education as the key to the future while at the same time preserving Nepali social norms and values.

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