Our story

Amisiyah is a socially responsible business, importing locally produced Nepali fashion and spiritual items. A portion of all profits are dedicated to ongoing community relief projects throughout Nepal.

After spending over a year delivering earthquake relief projects within isolated villages in Nepal, Amisiyah was conceived as an additional strategy for supporting sustainable relief projects while promoting ethical trade in Nepal. We are firm in our belief that the wellbeing of every individual within the supply chain should be met above and beyond international ethical standards. 

Each year we visit Nepal to strengthen our relationships with our Nepali artisans and producers as well as ensuring that our suppliers and their staff are paid fair wages and proper health and working conditions are being met. Our trips also provide the opportunity to personally select, or make changes to, the beautiful works of our Nepali artisans, bringing our customers the highest possible quality of locally produced fashion and spiritual items from Nepal.  

Amisiyah is proud to promote meaningful connections between Australia and one of the most ancient, beautiful and spiritually rich cultures on the planet.